May – July 2023 CW Radio activities. Adrenalizing Morsecode.

May: Samos Island Greece, no Radio, just relax & romantic manifesto.


June Radio-activities:

  1. Antenna-Chorus, (preventive) maintenance on Rotor, Cable-dispatch, Install Antenna Switch in tower, modify feedline Sky-Wire, etc.
  2. Get WS-19 ready for Fielddays. (Solar Powered)

Unfortunately I had to cancel my attendance at the Fielddays: June 9th to 12th Veron/VRZA A49 in Ommen. 


Key Test: I was able to lend and test the just acquired ON4MAC-Paddle Keyer from Herman PD0HF, see for more info of this key also

I did a triple test in order to be able to compare. The MAC (Middle) is the most heavy and stable one, The Begali Travel Keyer (left) the very comfortable Leightweight, and the Becher (Right) is the easiest one to adjust. MAC and Begali work with magnets, when proper adjusted, this is fantastic to work with. 

I have the MAC  adjusted now to my own preference and its needs just a little bit more force to key in comparison to the Begali Travel Key, but it is as stable as a piece-of-rock on the table. Congratulations Herman with this fantastic and very good-looking key! It will soon return to your shack!

Aktio40: July was good for another 103 Ragchew CW QSO’s, 20 DXCC, 4 NTC and 4 SKCC members. Thus good for sticker #6.

IOTA contest: Joined for a short moment, did 25 CW QSO’s. NTC invited me to work IP1X, which I did on 15,20 and 40M.

Antenna Experiments: Recently found back an old CB GPA antenna. I purchased it on the radio Club auction 10 years ago and as far as I know it came from Dick PA3CDH (SK). After a short assembly it seemed mechanically OK, I connected a 15M Coax cable and tested it with my MFJ 269 Antenna Analyser, It was OK for CB and by just adjusting the length it came towards an SWR of 1:1,2 on 28.500MHz. Thats one-band (although 1:1,4 in CW part) and I would like to test it when it is just above ground level. I would like to use it on a camping or elsewhere outdoor. Next step would be to make it multi-band, but “first things first” as practice is the teacher of all things.

1A0C: wkd on 5 bands now.


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