April 2023 CW Radio activities. Adrenalizing Morsecode.

Seemes to be a busy month with Family obligations and garden chorus.

JIDX: 50 QSO’s on 20&10M. It was beautiful weather and lots of other things to do as well. Funny, on the saturday 10&15 were dead here, sunday 10M was open towards JA.

Aktio40: Log March is send for 5th sticker (out of 12) for the award. In one month I worked 2 new NTC and 6 new SKCC members, all EU on 40m.

WWHC: Holy Land 4X contest: April 15, I joined in CW but this Saturday is crowded with 4 contests: HL/YO/MM/WAPC so it was quite a chellenge to catch the 4X stations. Calling CQ HL as a DX station was’t working, so S&P mode on 10 – 80m, worked 28 stations. Due to the  the 75th anniversary of the State
of Israel and the IARC, there were special “75″ callsigns. Exchange was the 5 digit “area code”.

CQMM: April 16, Joined on a “lazy Sunday afternoon” fine openings on 10M towards SA until late evening. 15M and 20m were dissapointing, quite some qso’s on 40 and 1 on 80M: 102 in total. Not a very fascinating CW contest with EU exchange only, but good International DX activity.

NTC: April 20 QSO Party. I joined again, in Mechanical Bug section, using N1MM. 

Frequencies: 3.550-3.560, 7.030-7.040 and 14.050-14.060 kHz, Started 19:00 UTC calling CQ on 20, and worked Yuri UA6AX, later also on 40 and 80, so the first 3 band QP success is there. 40m was crowded when I arrived and lots of “Data-QRM” in the top-9 segment (that’s why we try to occupy this CW segment) , did some CQ as well as S&P. Last 20 minutes on 80m, fine signals here. I’ve made 22 QSO,s, 4 of them NM who were kindly invited to join next QP or NTC and realised 40 points in total. Nice to meet the NTC friends again.

DX-peditions: 4W1A: 10M & 20m wkd. T30UN: not yet.

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