2021 November CW activities.

Nov 7th, Tried do do some DX and worked VK5MAV on 14.027 MHz at UTC 11:23 rst 559/579 fine signals from Andy. Later focussed on 40m and worked VE2CSI UTC 20:40  on 7.024

Nov 12th, T6AA on 7.002, worked, which is my first YA on 40M. Later this evening I joined MRR (Military Radio on the Air Activity) first QSO with my ICOM IC756PRO, but that was just to easy, so I changed over to my GRC3030 and made 10 more QSO’s with this old rig. 7 x DL, 2 x PA and 1 x G. After 1,5 hrs I was deaf at both ears from all the unfiltered noise, but what a fun to do! I ended up with the strategy of finding a clear frequency, started calling CQ and work as many stations as long as the frequency (probably 10KHz wide) was free. Thus going down from 3.540  to 3.523. What a fun to hear and work old gear as: SEG100D, WS19, LO40K39, 2 x GRC3030 and some modern TRX as well. My operating desk wasn’t quite “clean-desk”, but who cares….


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