SKCC: May 2020

Member 18777
since 26th of May 2018 but when going through my logbook I found 8 qso,s only. This month I re-discovered SKCC, made some 20 QSO’s with my two Vibroplex Keys and found the new spirit in making SKCC and rag chew QSO’s. When Looking on the SKCC frequencies I got more and more used to the typical QSO Style, while meeting other (non member) CW lovers in-between for fine CW QSO’s as well. 4-bands, 15 DXCC, not to bad!

I think I am going to like this.

Easterweekend update: lots of fine, real reports: from 339 to the full 599 Plus 20db. Lots of fine rag chew qso’s from non-members but fine CW activity. It seems that my Vibroplex sound, attracts other straight key and bug lovers.

An extra advantage is the possibility of discovering the possibilities on all bands. Calling CQ on a dead band does really result in activity and fine QSO’s. 

Despite CQ WW WPX I have managed to find good possibilities in making SKCC and CW Rag chew QSO’s (38 new SKCC nrs sofar)

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