Straight Key Century Club

Today, May 26th
2018, Received Electron, the monthly Radio magazine of VERON, and I read an interesting
article from Joop, PA3JD about SKCC. After reading the article twice, I just
had to visit the SKCC website, and after strolling around, I applied for


In the request
form you can leave your motivation in the field  – Comments / Why you want to join SKCC- and my
motivation was:

I am a fan of CW: Straight key, Bug and paddle, no PC.
Working old Boat Anchor gear is fun; No display, filters, keyboard or computer
for CW! Simply fingers and ears! My callsign suffix AM stand for “Adrenalizing

Keys: Begali, Junkers, Bencher, Vibroplex Original
Gold LH 2004, and Lightning Bug 1954.

Already Member of:

#3375          Activity Group CW

#1247          Benelux QRP Club

#2015735   Surplus Radio Society

After applying
for SKCC membership, and replying some mails and details I am on the SKCC
membership roster with number: 18777.

This same evening
I made my first SKCC QSO with Bernard F5DE who keyed me a warm welcome! Because I
was logged in on the SKCC Sked page I saw the confirmation of the QSO and had
another short keyboard-ragchew-chat with Bernard.

I think I found another CW challenge, where I can work on my CW skills.

73’ Gerrit

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