Skywire / Loop for 160 meters

Saturday 15th of August: Last part of work on my Horizontal Loop or Sky-wire antenna.

Unfortunally it was raining all afternoon, but around 16:00 hrs I was ready to connect the last two open wire -ends and the 187 meters 2,5mm2 wire loop was closed. It felt like closing a dyke. Average height is 15 meters and 8 trees were used as supports. Feedline is 17,5 meters high and in the North-east angle of the loop. I’ve used some fine 10 cm long Pyrex Glass type isolators.

At this moment I am using a 1:6 Fritzel balun at the end of the ladderline and 22 meter RG214 coax to reach my shack. Next project will be an automatic, symmetrical antenna tuner.

So I was ready for testing the loop in the International lighthouse weekend. First impressions:

  • very quiet reception, no static noise or whatever on 20, 40 and 80 meters.
  • 30 meters was the only noisy band.
  • My IC756 auto tuner could handle all bands except 160, HI. After changing the length of the 22 meters RG214, 160 was OK.
  • Was able to work all LH stations on cluster.
  • DX stations on 30-80 meters, no problem.

More impressions will follow soon, as well as some pictures and details.

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