AGCW-40-3 activity on 40-meter band.


Surfing around on the internet, found this activity on the website of AGCW. (I am member 3375).

Year-round on the air activity 3 years “new” 40m Band Plan

  • All CW contacts from 29th March 2012 onwards between 7035 and 7040kHz of at least 5 minutes duration count for points. Stations may be worked more than once per day
  • Each completed 5 minutes count 1 point, QSO with AGCW members count twice. To determine AGCW membership the AGCW membership list can be looked up.
  • Logs with intermediate results up to the last day of a month, with columns Date, UTC start, UTC end, c/s of station wkd, RST sent, RST rcvd, QTH rcvd, Name rcvd, Frequency accurate to 1kHz, AGCW # or “NM”, Points (in this sequence) may be submitted to the adjudicator until the 7th day of the following month. The last QSO counting for an activity period must end not later than 2400UTC on 28th March of the following year.
  • Intermediate scores will be announced in the AGCW bulletin (Mondays 1800UTC 3573kHz), the AGCW mailing list , and on the AGCW-DL home page.
  • The annual winner will receive an activity bowl.

I just had to try this on the 1st of January and had some pleasant QSO’s in this upper CW part of the 40-meter band. This all has to do with changes in the 40-meter band plan from 2009. The extension of  100kHz caused IARU region 1 conference to change the band plan and the upper limit of the exclusive atea of CW was “stretched” from 7035 to 7040 kHz. Currently, however, there is still activity with e.g. PSK31 found under the old band plan below 7040 kHz.

So dear PSK user, please notice the new QRG plan: 7000 to 7040 for CW since March 2009, many thanks!

For more information see my pages on this website: Low band operating and DX – 40 meterband.

73″ Gerrit

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