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Saturday October 8, 2011: This week I,ve re-installed my FT817, as this is a true QRP-rig that I really love, since  I bought it in 2003.  I,ve used it last year in the O-QRP contest, and before that on a few “holiday-activities”. A few 5W qso’s proved that one can work the world with QRP. Found back my Panasonic lead-Acid battery (12V 7,2 Ah) and recharced it last night. This rainy weekend with several CW contest activities maybe a good  moment for some Qrp-cw-fun and a good preparation for a qrp/p activity.

Two weeks ago I,ve received a encouragements-award from BQC (Benelux Qrp Club) as I entered their Marathon competition. My activities were good for last position in the overall ranking. So one first have to be disturbed before getting motivated, HI. Today I just want to try to work some DX(CC) on all bands:

10M: CW QSO wd KE8M Dave in Ohio, 599.

12M: Calling CQ on 24.905: JA7OXG  OM Nori with 569 report for me.

15M: VK2IM in OCDX contest 599 nr 477 002

17M: No DX but E74OW Becir 599 and YR2WFF without problems, later TF2JB.

20M:  Huge VK & YB pileups in OCDX, so calling CQ 14.055: SP5JXK Jan 599 and IZ4APT Giovanni 599

30M: UR7UA Alex nr kiev 579

40M: EU-Sprint: GW0ETF Stew, LY3QA Jon, DL5AXX Ulf, DJ1YFK Fabian, G4ERW Dave, DL2NBY Tom

80M: EU-Sprint: G, S5, SP, LY, PA, DL, UA2 within 15 minutes

160m: DL3AD Frank 599 and G4ZCG Tony in Preston 338 only, but a qso!

OK, It’s not all DX but VK, JA is and afterall this was all done just on a Saturday with 5 watts only.

(battery is at 10,5 volts now, ready for recharge)

Written 23:55 local time.

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