CW Keys and paddles

Some of my  keys:

Russian or Slowak Key, brand new in paper, bought (September 25, 2010) on the Meppel Radio market for 5€. I’ve used it once in a Straight key party, and it was doing fine.


The key below is a Japanese semi automatic Key made by Dentsu-Seiki model no.BK100.


I got this Dentsu Seiki Key from my colleguae Guus Henkens, who worked with this key aboard the merchant vessel “Ocean Express” in 1973 with the callsign: H3OA.

In return, Guus is receiving all the stamps from direct my QSL cards, as collecting stamps is his hobby.

These Semi-auto bug keys were imported from the Japanese manufacturers.  Made more likely by Hi-Mound, formerly Swallow/ Dentsuseiki or Jelectro who so far have produced a series of these bugs. This one is a dentsu seiki BK-100. They are to be seen with a gray colored tag, black tag and maybe even a white one. They were sold, and resold under various names (Monarch, Skillman, etc.) from several sources including Lafayette Radio Shack and Allied Radio in the 1960’s. There is no manufacturer’s identification on them anywhere.  They’re just marked “JAPAN” on the bottom. The bottom  is grey metal. I have my bug complete with cover with the Dentsu seiki and Swallows brand-mark. More info:

Here’s my beauty, the Vibroplex Original Gold, lefthanded model snr: 110008. Photograph by friend & Photographer Jan Paasman, Epe.


This key is now on the back of my 2010 to 2014 QSL-card. I’ve used this key several times in “semi automatic key evening” or “Schlackertastenabend”.

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