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  • 2022 Okt. CW & Radio-activity

    Early this month I received my new (second) CW Actio40 Award with the first sticker. So now continue to “rock-on-40″ and try to be as active as possible, mainly at the upper-9 KHz part of the 40 meter band. Last month I noticed the website of the International CW Council: https://internationalcwcouncil.org/ which is interesting e.g. the  CW…

  • PA6VC – Veluwe Contest Team

    08-02-2020 PACC Saturday and Sunday, some impressions Left to right Henk PE1BSI, Gerrit PA3AM, Johan, Erik PA1FOL. Not on Picture: John PE1RZU (ICT, Network and N1MM support) and Frits PE1LQQ (thanks for support in antenna materials from Elektrodump.nl) 12:00 UTC, GO! First starting on 15, 2 qso’s CW only. 20M Phone and 40m CW. Around…

  • New QSL card

    What you see here is the back side. You’ll find an inspiring CW expression on the front, presented in the the basic colours of the flag and coat of arms of the province Gelderland. However, you’ll have to make a QSO to see the front! 73′ es CUL Gerrit … Read the rest